Dr Gillian Miles

Chief Executive Officer and Commissioner, National Transport Commission
Dr Gillian Miles

Gillian has over 30 years’ public experience in national, state, and local government organisations leading people-centred reform to deliver an efficient, safe and integrated transport system.

After leading the reform of Victoria’s transport agencies into a central and integrated department through the creation of Transport for Victoria, Gillian joined the NTC to lead the introduction of automated vehicles, improvements to heavy vehicle laws and increasing the role of rail in a more connected land transport system through interoperability. The NTC is focused on the harmonisation of road, rail and intermodal transport systems to enable Australia to be more connected, productive, and able to capitalise on innovation and local manufacturing opportunities.

Gillian is a member of Chief Executive Women and was instrumental in establishing the National Women in Transport network, a partnership between the NTC, Infrastructure Australia and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communication and the Arts.

Gillian has held Deputy Secretary roles in Transport & Community Development; she was the CEO at the City of Greater Geelong and the Head of Strategy and Performance at the Transport Accident Commission. With strong interest in governance and risk management Gillian chairs the Diversity & Inclusion Committee as part of her Board duties at Roads Australia. and sits on both the Risk & Audit and the Remuneration Committees as part of her Board duties at the Gordon TAFE.

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AusRAIL Custom Stand Venue guidelines

All temporary structures will be professionally designed, structurally sound and will contain reasonable provision for:

  • Safety of persons to be accommodated in the event of fire including means of egress
  • Prevention of fire
  • Suppression of fire
  • Patrons must give consideration for wheelchair access to the Stand (NCC – Section D3.3) The reduction of the existing level of fire protection is not permissible.

Designers and builders have an obligation to design and construct to these principles and any relevant standards or legislation while meeting the special needs of their client. Parts of these principles include:

  • Stands over 18m2 where roofing is fitted must have a “Smoke Detection Device” and have a fire extinguisher installed. The recommended material for the roofing is “shark tooth” type material that allows water penetration from sprinklers and fire cannon.
  • Audience chairs within a temporary structure must be secured in groups of not less than 4 and not more than 16. Maximum seats in each row must not exceed 8 where there is an aisle at one end only or 16 where there are aisles on both sides of the row. (NCC NSW H101.11.1).