Exhibitor Manual


This document contains important information from the conference organisers and service providers.

It has been designed to answer your pre-event and onsite enquiries, gives you documentation to claim your exhibitor entitlements before the event, and assist you in your role as an exhibitor.

It is your responsibility to share this exhibitor manual with any contractors or stand builders to ensure that they comply with the necessary requirements.

Public Liability Insurance

You must hold a current public liability insurance policy for a minimum of AUD 10,000,000. 

Entry to the venue will be denied if you have not provided a copy of this information to the conference organisers. 

If you haven’t already done so, please upload a copy of your public liability insurance policy to the exhibitor portal no later than 5 October.

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) and the conference organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur to the exhibitor, exhibitor’s employees (public or other) or property from any cause whatsoever prior, during and subsequent to the exhibition. The exhibitor, on contracting for space or an exhibition stand, expressly releases the organisers and the venue from, and agrees to indemnify same against, any and all claims for such direct and indirect loss, damage or injury.

Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless the organisers, venue and their agents from all liability (damage, incident or accident) which might ensue from any cause resulting or connected with the transportation, placing, removal or display of exhibits

Exhibition Hall 1 & Great Hall 3 & 4
Foyer Level
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Access to BCEC for exhibitors and contractors during setup and pack down is via Glenelg Street.

View Floorplan with Exhibitor Listings

Date Start End Description
Saturday 3 December
Exhibition build
Sunday 4 December
Exhibition build
Custom stand build
Monday 5 December
Exhibition build
Custom stand build
Booth access for exhibitors
Tuesday 6 December
Exhibition open
Networking drinks
Wednesday 7 December
Exhibition open
Exhibition pack down
Exhibition dismantle
Custom dismantle
Thursday 8 December
Exhibition dismantle
Custom dismantle
Item Space only Shell Scheme Turnkey
Non-member visitor pass for access to the exhibition floor
4 per 9sqm
4 per 9sqm
4 per 9sqm
Lead-tracking technology to ensure that you are generating a post-event customer and interactions record for follow up
Company profile within event app
Promotion of all exhibitor organisations on AusRAIL website, app and in the searchable exhibitor directory, listing on exhibition floor plan signage
Opportunity to purchase catering packs, which includes access to the networking drinks on Tuesday 6 December
Back and side walls (melamine with aluminum supports)
Exhibitor name and booth # fascia (up to 30 characters)
Lighting – two spotlights on track behind fascia
Power – one 4amp power point

Exponet Exhibitions & Events

ExpoNet is pleased to have been appointed as the official shell scheme build, furniture, styling, signage, graphics, production equipment and electrical contractor for AusRAIL 2022. ExpoNet brings 35 years of experience in exceptional design, project management and delivery to exhibitions and conferences, major special events and provides key infrastructure and custom builds across Australia. By creating the environments where people can connect, celebrate, and interact, they help showcase brands, promote engagement and ensure a strong return on investment.

With specialised staff on hand Australia-wide, you can be assured of 5-star customer service every step of the way. Their comprehensive equipment and furniture hire service covers a broad range of items with excellent design teams to create your ideal exhibit. ExpoNet also provide lighting, AV equipment, signage, event and exhibition furniture and their custom design team can help create solutions for brand activations, 3D features, retail fit outs and pop-up displays. If you require more information or wish to get in contact with ExpoNet directly, you can visit their website.

An online exhibitor kit will be provided by ExpoNet at the end of July to assist with finalising your booth requirements.  

Is your booth COVID safe?

Use the following checklist:

  • Entry and Exit
  • Directional signage
  • Sanitiser available at your booths
  • Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning and sanitising their booths after delegates have visited.
  • Food and drink may be offered to the delegates after prior approval from the venue. Items must be individually packaged and are not displayed for self-service; the exhibitor is required to hand these over to the delegate.

Space Only Custom Stands

Exhibitors with custom stands are required to submit their stand design for inspection by the conference organiser and venue to ensure that it meets the requirements outlined in the venue’s guidelines 

The following information must be submitted for custom stands:

  • Detailed scale drawing with proposed 3D design, detailed dimensions and height including plan views and elevation. 
  • Description of materials to be used for the stand construction.
  • A plan showing its locations within the exhibition.
  • A risk assessment, to include fire hazards and method statement.
  • Stands exceeding 3m in height must go through the special stand design appraisal process. All documents must be provided to organisers and the venue for approval by 31 October 2022.

In cases where a stand design does not comply with the venue’s requirements, the venue will require the stand builder to obtain a structural engineer’s certificate to verify the integrity of the structure or compliance with the relevant legislation.

This year, we have implemented the following guidelines for custom built stands in line with industry standards.

  • Maximum structure height is 4m. If your custom stand is located within the front row of the entrance a maximum height stand height is 3.5m.
  • All sites that allow rigging are welcome to rig within the airspace above their stand. Please note there are some booths where there is no rigging available. The minimum ceiling for rigging is 5m to allow for sight lines in the exhibition. A gap of 1.5m between the top of the maximum height custom stand and lowest point on the rigging is required
  • Exhibitors may not lay carpet adjacent to their booth.
  • For any platform proposed in the stand design, round edge is required at the four corners of platformThe “caution tape” at your own cost is deem necessary at all edging of platform that may cause hazard to the visitors.
  • No solid walls or full partitions are to be built on the perimeter of the raw space. All partition walls along the perimeter should not cover more than 30% in length with maximum height of 2.5m, unless the partitions are constructed against the actual walls of the hall, and not obstructing the products on display on the other side of it. All designs with wall / partition above 2.5m height should be built with a clearance of 0.5m distance away from the edge of the booths.
  • Transparency in walled sections (60% of the span must be transparent) to improve the exhibition visibility.
  • All partition wall above 2.44m which is facing the neighbour booths or aisle must be nicely clad and painted finish, if any.
  • Any door incorporated into the stand, and which does not provide an alternative means of egress, must have a “NO ENTRY” sign affixed to it.
  • Kindly ensure all lighting cable/wire come with earth clamp connector and it must be earthed, especially apply to metal structure design include truss system.
  • In the event of using fabric as part of the stand design, kindly provide the certificate of fire retardant as a proof on-site, if any.
  • No multilevel structures are allowed to be built on the purchased exhibition space.

Please provide us with the above, including details of your stand builder, no later than 31 October 2022. Please submit information via the exhibitor portal.

For any rigging enquiries within the exhibition hall at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the approved rigging supplier is Cliftons. Visit their website for further information and to contact them.


Any contractors must read the BCEC Work Health and Safety terms and conditions and complete the BCEC Safety Induction in order to work onsite. 

Pre-delivery, Set Up, Dismantle and Post Collection

To access the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Great Hall loading dock Glenelg Street, South Brisbane. 

The venue and the conference managers will NOT take responsibility for the clearance of goods through Australian Customs. Exhibitors are responsible for the acceptance of all goods. Neither the venue, the conference managers nor will the freight forwarding company accept responsibility for the safety of any items delivered in the absence of the exhibitor or their agent. The exception is if you are using Gel Events for your transportation requirements. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that the goods have arrived. To avoid delays during bump-in, we suggest utilising Gel Events as your freight company to ensure all goods have been delivered.

All vehicles and couriers delivering material pre-event, or collecting freight post-event, for your exhibition must be directed to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Loading Dock off Glenelg Street. Goods should only be delivered on 5 December and a member of your organisation must be in attendance to sign for these items. The exception is if you are using Gel Events for your transportation requirements.

Ensure ALL goods are correctly labelled (with your booth number and organisation noted) to download the label follow this link Freight Label – AUSRAIL 2022 . Please affix this to each item delivered to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to label and arrange freight for all left over items.

  • Completed consignment notes must be affixed to materials (the venue does not provide consignment notes).
  • Courier companies will not collect goods unless there is a completed and signed consignment note.
  • Allow sufficient time for the goods to be moved from the booth to the loading dock—all boxes must be clearly labelled with your organisation name, contact details, and number of boxes (e.g. Box 1 of 5).
  • Ensure your courier has all the relevant details with regards to the items to be collected, for instance, name of conference and number of boxes and your contact details.
  • Courier companies should be instructed to pick up freight from the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre loading dock and must be completed by 8 December. Any items left after this time will be discarded by the venue.

Below is a location and access map for BCEC on Merivale and Grey street. Use this to find the loading dock entrance (on Glenelg Street), accessible entrances, parent rooms & bathrooms, parking, lifts and the information & box office.

Location and Access Map

All floor areas within the BCEC have specified loading limits per square metre. Any equipment or item to be displayed or used during an event weighing more than 500 kilograms must be assessed prior to the item or equipment being positioned. A current permit must be held for items over 500 kilograms, and BCEC requires the following information in advance of the commencement of the build:

  • The dimensions of the base of the item
  • The gross weight of the item
  • A picture or diagram of the item
  • Indication on the floor plan where the item is to be located.

The exhibition set up is to take place strictly during the allocated times.
Unpacking within the exhibition area must take place in your stand area and not in the aisle ways or at another exhibitor’s stand.

Aisles must be kept clear at all times and fire exits must not be utilised under any circumstances for storage.

The exhibition closes at 1530 on Wednesday 7 December. No exhibitor may pack down or dismantle their stands prior to this time. Pack down and dismantling is to take place strictly during the following times:

  • Exhibitor pack down: Wednesday 7 December 1530 – 1830
  • Custom stand dismantle: Wednesday 7 December 1900 – 2400
  • Thursday 8 December 0700 – 2400

Forklifts and drivers are available for hire through our transport and logistics contractor, Gel Events.

Charges apply for this service, however it is available to all exhibitors and must be booked and paid for prior to the event build-up.

Contractors are not permitted to operate Gel Events forklifts.

Unpacking within the exhibition must take place in your stand area and not in the aisle ways or at another exhibitor’s stand. Aisles must be kept clear at all times.

As limited on site storage facilities for packing materials and boxes are available, it is recommended that exhibitors keep packing materials to a minimum. Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in the Exhibition Display Area during the event.

Contractors and exhibitors will not be allowed entry to the area unless a safety vest is worn.

  • All organisers, contractors, exhibitors and their staff must wear safety vests during set up and dismantle of the exhibition.
  • Closed toed shoes must also be worn during bump in and bump out.
  • No children under the age of 16 are allowed during bump in and bump out.
  • No alcohol can be consumed during bump in or bump out. Alcohol service must stop at least 30 minutes prior to bump out.

All portable electrical equipment, appliances and leads used on the BCEC site must be tested and tagged in accordance with Australian Standard and Workplace Health & Safety Legislation. Any electrical equipment found not tested will have to cease immediately or removed from the centre. For safety reasons, double adaptors are not to be used in the centre. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all loose cables are secured to avoid tripping hazards and are in accordance with Australian Standard.

BCEC Security Officers will maintain security throughout the building. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken, the Organisers and the BCEC accept no responsibility for any loss or damage occurring to persons or property at the exhibition.

Exhibitors must make provisions for the safeguarding of their goods, materials, equipment and displays at all times. Exhibitors are strongly advised to remove any valuable material or equipment from their booths overnight.

Onsite Experience

Please make sure you collect your registration items from the registration desk when you arrive onsite, before accessing the exhibition hall.

You may be asked for ID to collect your registration materials. Unless other arrangements have been made, sponsor/exhibitor registrations will be available for pick up at the sponsorship and exhibition registration desk under your company name, while any delegate (including sponsored speakers) registrations will be available at the delegate registration desk under the name of the individual.

Registration desk hours
Monday 5 December 1300 – 1600
Tuesday 6 December 0700 – 1900
Wednesday 7 December 0700 – 1900

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be served daily in the exhibition for delegates and those exhibitors who have purchased catering packs.

Casual wireless internet is available at no cost to visitors of the centre and is designed for web browsing and checking web-based email. The speed is limited to 1Mbps. The Network name is BCECLINK and requires no password

AusRAIL Custom Stand Venue guidelines

All temporary structures will be professionally designed, structurally sound and will contain reasonable provision for:

  • Safety of persons to be accommodated in the event of fire including means of egress
  • Prevention of fire
  • Suppression of fire
  • Patrons must give consideration for wheelchair access to the Stand (NCC – Section D3.3) The reduction of the existing level of fire protection is not permissible.

Designers and builders have an obligation to design and construct to these principles and any relevant standards or legislation while meeting the special needs of their client. Parts of these principles include:

  • Stands over 18m2 where roofing is fitted must have a “Smoke Detection Device” and have a fire extinguisher installed. The recommended material for the roofing is “shark tooth” type material that allows water penetration from sprinklers and fire cannon.
  • Audience chairs within a temporary structure must be secured in groups of not less than 4 and not more than 16. Maximum seats in each row must not exceed 8 where there is an aisle at one end only or 16 where there are aisles on both sides of the row. (NCC NSW H101.11.1).